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2008 Publications

2009 IESS - A Spatio-Temporal Study Of Schistosomiasis In Dangme-East District Of Ghana

Many African countries are continually being riddled with communicable and in recent times non communicable diseases. The rural communities of these countries can be said to be tilted towards infectious diseases. Schistosomiasis, like many other communicable diseases, imposes a great set back on many developing countries’ efforts at sustainable development since in some situations schistosomiasis may affect people’s ability to work and/or limit their productivity.

2008 IESS - The Use of Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (MMT) as Gasoline Additive and Its Effects on Manganese (Mn) and Lead (Pb) Concentrations in Air and Soils in the Accra – Tema Metropolis

Methylcyclopentadienylmanganese tricarbonyl (MMT) is an organometallic derivative of manganese (Mn), which has been used since 2004 in gasoline as an octane enhancer in Ghana. It was used after the ban of the use, marketing and sale of tetraethyl lead as gasoline additive by the Government of Ghana by a legislative instrument (LI 1732).

2008 IESS - The Microbial Load of Vegetables and the Effect of Waste Water Irrigation and Contaminated Soil on their Production in the Greater Accra Metropolis

Accra, the capital, is fast growing and the population is expanding exponentially. There is therefore higher demand for food and vegetables in the capital. The increasing demand for vegetables has made people use all kinds of soil, waste water and manures for vegetable growing.

2008 IESS - The Long-Term Impacts Of Logging On Biodiversity Of Plants And Soil Characteristics Of A Tropical Rain Forest: A Case Study Of Some Compartments Of Atewa Forest Reserve

This project investigated the long-term impact of logging 15 years ago on the biodiversity of plants and some soil characteristics in the Atewa Forest Reserve, Ghana. The study took place in the logged portions of the concessions of Timber and Transport near Akwadum and Wansima Timbers near Sagyimasi and their corresponding unlogged portions of the Atewa Forest Reserve in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

2008 IESS - The Impact Of Abandoned Surface Gold Mining On Water Resources Management; A Case Study Of The Goldenrae Mining Company Limited

The abandoned dredge mining operations of the defunct Goldenrae Mining Company on the Awusu River basin in the Kwabeng and Akrofufu Communities were studied for a period of six months, spanning October 2005 to March 2006 to assess the likely physico-chemical, microbial and social impacts that such a development could possibly have on water resource management in the rural setting.

2008 IESS - The Environmental Impact of Small-Scale Diamond Mining Operations in Some Selected Communities in the Kwaebibirem District of Ghana

There is no doubt that Small-Scale diamond mining operations has brought economic prosperity to the mining communities in the Kwaebibirem District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. They have also brought in their wake environmentally-related problems.

2008 IESS - The Effects Of Multiple Water Use On Water Quality Of The Ashaiman Irrigation Dam

Research has indicated that, irrigation schemes which are established purposely for irrigation of crops turn out to be a multipurpose facility rather than their intended purpose. Some of these uses turn to conflict with the primary purpose there by, sometimes reducing the quality and/ or quantity of the water downstream. Studies in Kumasi and Accra on the quality of urban and peri-urban waters used for irrigation of vegetables revealed that these urban waters were highly polluted especially with faecal coliforms.

2008 IESS - Socio-Cultural And Environmental Factors Influencing The Nesting And Conservation Of Marine Turtles In Songor Ramsar Site Ghana

Ghana’s 550km coast currently supports three of the six turtle species that visit the Atlantic ocean of Africa. Seventy percent of the Ghana coast, 375km, comprise sandy beach that is suitable as turtle nesting areas. Marine turtles face a range of threats, both at the nesting sites and in the wider marine environment.

2008 IESS - Response Of Maize To Mode Of Application Of Recycled Waste Materials In Two Soil Types

Composting is an effective approach for recycling of the organic wastes for agriculture uses. The recovery of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for the peri- urban agriculture could contribute to the improvement of environmental sanitation and increase agricultural productivity in the Sub-Saharan Africa through improvement in soil physical and chemical properties.

2008 IESS - Gender And Community Water Resources Management In The Lower Kakum Basin

The Kakum River supplies water into the Brimso Reservoir which supplies treated water to Cape Coast and its municipalities. It is also a major source of water for both domestic and economic activities for all the communities which are situated around the river. Over the years there have been a lot of activities which have steadily and consistently affected the quality and volume of the Kakum River.